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A Historical Event

ASHRAE NPC hosted All Pakistan ASHRAE Chapters meeting on Sep 15, 2018. Where all ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter Members participated. It a verygood plate Form for all chapter to discuss their difficulties to run ASHRAE Chapters. Mr. Farooq Mehboob, Miss Adeeba Mehboob, & Dr. Ahmed Alaa was the honorable chief Guest. Mr. Khurram R. Malick Coordinator of all ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter were also present. The meeting was attended by over 100 members of all over Pakistan. ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter, ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter, ASHRAE Central Pakistan Chapter & ASHRAE Faisalabad Chapter. This is the plate form provided by ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter to meet & greet with all ASHRAE Chapters and coordination between them.

Glimpses are below there;