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UnderfloorAir Distribution & Innovative Systems fo

On 17, October 2017 ASHRAE NPC hosted a visit of Mr. Danial H. Nall P.E, a distinguished Lecturer from ASHRAE HQ (USA) and arranged a technical Seminar at Crown Plaza Hotel Islamabad. Mr. Nall delivered two presentations:


1: Underfloor Air Distribution 

2: Innovative System for Energy & Water Conservation for Corporate Headquarters


MIA Group of Companies Private ltd was the main sponsor while some other regional HVACR prominent companies sponsored the event and displayed their banners. Seminar was attended by over 60 persons. Mr. Adeel Ilyas Baig was the host of the Seminar & Mr. Taj Muhammad Rizvi (President of ASHRAE NPC) was the Chief Guest. After the Seminar Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui, Mr. Usman Tariq Chughtai and other BOG’s escorted Mr. Danial H. Nall to CUST University Islamabad, where Mr. Danial H. Nall shared his experience with student about Underfloor Air Distribution  & Innovative System for Energy & Water Conservation for Corporate Headquarters. Over 70 students were engaged in his presentation. CUST appreciated the visit and requested the chapter to arrange similar visits in future too. Lastly Mr. Usman Tariq Chughtai & Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui went to Monal (heart of Margallah Hills) for Dinner. 

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