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Farewell Meeting





Meeting was started by recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Ather N, Siddiqui. 



Following were present in the meeting.



MR. KHURRAM RAJA                                    :           PRESIDENT

MR. USMAN TARIQ CHUGHTAI                   :           PRESIDENT ELECT

MR. BILAL ZUBERI                                         :           TREASURER

MR. SHABAB QAMAR                                   :           SECRETARY

MR. RIAZ BAIG                                              :           MEMBER BOG / CTTC CHAIR

MR. ATHER N. SIDDIQUI                               :           MEMBER BOG / SA CHAIR

MR. MASOOD SADIQ                                    :           VICE PRESIDENT / RP CHAIR

MR. TABISH SAID ABBASI                            :           HISTORIAN

MR. BILAL RANA                                           :           MP CHAIR



Mr. Shabab Qamar (Secretary) started the meeting proceeding by welcoming all officers, BOG’s. Mr. Shabab Qamar (Secretary) read “ASHRAE CODE OF ETHICS”.



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Minutes of meeting were proposed by Mr. Usman Tariq Chughtai and second by Mr. Masood Sadiq. The minutes were circulated well in time.





ATHER N. SIDDIQUI (STUDENT ACTIVITY CHAIR):  According to the Covid-19 Situation we worked very well. We arranged too many webinars’ meetings and other activities. We arranged a session with students to get more interaction among students. We also organized a student competition which was very appreciated by ASHRAE. CUST, NUST, TAXILA and other major universities played their role very well. Its overall a team effort. And I am also very thankful to Mr. Khurram Raja President for their positive approach and very active response in all matter. The hall appreciated the efforts of Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui in student activities.


MR. RIAZ BAIG (CTTC CHAIR): Mr. Riaz baig thanked Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui for their efforts in CTTC matter. Mr. Riaz baig informed that we have arranged 8 webinars in the Umbrella of ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter. I always attended all the webinars by any chapter but our problem is that we are less interested in learning. Attendance is very less in our webinars throughout the year. We should take necessary steps to increase in attendance. Mr. Riaz Baig also praised the efforts Mr. President and their dedication throughout the year.


MR. MASOOD SADIQ (RP CHAIR): Unfortunately, due to covid – 19 we are unable to do more activities but we performed very well in these conditions. Alhamdolilah with the efforts of all team we achieved full circle award in Research promotion. We have submitted $800 in ASHRAE with the help of Mr. Riaz Baig. I would like to request all officers & BOG’s to please contribute in Future RP funds. The hall praised the efforts of Mr. Masood Sadiq.


MR. BILAL RANA (MP CHAIR): This was my first experience in ASHRAE NPC and it was very great & Special. Special thanks to Mr. Khurram Raja President to helping him out in every matter related to Membership Promotion. We were in red zone but Alhamdulillah we are safe now many other chapters are in Red Zone too. Because of Covid -19 many members loss their interest in ASHRAE this is very alarming situation. We have 52 paid members till today that is very good numbers in terms of taking out of red zone. Mr. Bilal Rana thanks everyone to helping him out in all matter related to Membership promotion.


MR. TABISH SAID ABBASI (HISTORIAN): Mr. Shabab Qamar informed that Mr. Tabish Abbasi received Golden Ribbon Award from ASHRAE. The hall appreciated the efforts of Historian. Mr. Tabish Abbasi thanked everyone for their appreciation, he further added that my overall experience was very well. I have learnt many things after joining ASHRAE. I am very thankful to each & everyone of you for your support.


MR. SHABAB QAMAR (GAC CHAIR & COMMUNICATION CHAIR): He shared that we are currently working on ASHRAE President narrative Theme “Digital light house”.  we have created our Facebook page, LinkedIn account, YouTube channel & Whatsapp group for connecting with other members and show others to see our monthly progress. We have created all social media and started posting our social media posts. we have reached the 100 plus likes on Facebook Page, also informed that we are posting activity on regular basis. Due to Covid – 19 we are unable to hold Proper GAC Meeting. In future we will work on that. The hall appreciated the efforts of Mr. Shabab Qamar.


MR. USMAN TARIQ CHUGHTAI (PRESIDENT ELECT): Mr. Usman Tariq praised the efforts of all the officer & BOG’s. during these conditions we performed very well and all of them worked very hard to achieve their goals. He specially appreciated the efforts of Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui & Mr. Riaz Baig. He added that they both are the bones of ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter. May God give them health and long life. Their efforts are unmatchable. I will try to make next year more successful.


MR. KHURRAM RAJA (PRESIDENT): Mr. Khurram Raja praised all the officers & BOG’s for their efforts. It all team work and we all worked very hard to achieve where we are today. When I took the charge there is only RS 4200 in our account.


 ASHRAE is very keen in Membership & Finance, when I emailed them that we are very short in term of Finance they replied back and try to figure out the problem. One thing I learnt from this platform that you have to work by yourself. I gave daily 2 hours to ASHRAE NPC checking NPC websites, emails, & messages regarding ASHRAE and act accordingly.


Due to Covid – 19 we faced many difficulties but we try our level best to overcome. so we arranged virtual Installation ceremony and get some sponsorships. Also got some sponsorship through webinars. Current Balance on our account is RS. 140,000/- and total able to generate RS. 223,000/-. We paid 50,000/- in term of website hosting and upgradation 2 GB to 4 GB & Some other running expenses in total RS. 82,000/- last year that is very less in term of expenses.


Our account is in dormant bank is demanding few documentations that will be provided when new officers will be installed because they are asking current officers & BOG’S and they are about to change in few days.


When I take the charge, we were in RED zone in term of Membership promotion we are less than 40 and our chapter sustainability was in danger. I personally persuade each & everyone to renewal of their memberships and finally we sustain our chapter. Today our chapter paid members are 43. Others than delinquency. If we add those then it will be 54 that is a very good numbers in these conditions.


At last, I am very thankful to everyone who worked during this term. Without your efforts we can be here where we are today. Thank you so much each & every one of you, Especially Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui, Mr. Riaz Baig, Mr. Usman Tariq, Mr. Bilal Rana,

Mr. Tabish Said Abbasi, Mr. Shabab Qamar, without your support we are unable to even sustain our chapter like some other chapters are unable to sustain their chapter during Covid situation.


At last, I would like to thanks Mr. Harris Mahmood (Office Secretary) for their continue support and efforts. Thank you so much for being there.


The hall praised the efforts of Mr. President. Mr. Riaz baig labeled the Speech as one of the best Farwell speech which Summarized the activities of the term from beginning till conclusion.







Meeting was adjourned at 07:00 pm & minutes were recorded by Mr. Harris Mahmood Office Secretary.




Thanks & Regards,




Mr. Shabab Qamar


ASHRAE Northern Chapter Pakistan