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3rd Officer Meeting





The meeting was started by reciting of Holy Quran by all Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui. Following were present in the meeting.


  1. MR. NADEEM A. RAUF                                   :               PRESIDENT
  2. MR KHURRAM RAJA                                      :               PRESIDENT ELECT
  3. MR. BILAL ZUBERI                                            :               SECRETARY / MP CHAIR
  4. MR. USMAN TARIQ CHUGHTAI                  :               TREASURER
  5. MR.  AHMAD NAWAZ                                     :               MEMBER BOG
  6. MR. ATHER N. SIDDIQUI                                :               MEMBER BOG / SA CHAIR
  7. MR. MASOOD SADIQ                                      :               MP CO-CHAIR


Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf (President) started the meeting by welcoming all officers and BOG’s. He informed that he was in China during last meeting. Mr. ANS suggested that we should add happiness too in our meeting, as Mr. Saif ur Rehman SBA (CUST), Mr. Waleed & Mr. Usman performed Hajj this year. We congratulate him behalf of ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter.


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Before approval of minutes the hall discussed that some of our members are not attending meeting from the start of this year. This is totally not acceptable. Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf with the consent of hall decided that Mr. Fahad Imadi is removed from Historian, as we all know that the Historian is the key position, we should give some responsible person.


After the discussion it is decided that Mr. Tabish Said Abbasi will be the historian for the year 2019-2020.


Mr. Usman Tariq Sb proposed the minutes and second by Mr. Ahmad Nawaz.




Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf informed that because of his family commitment he will unable to attend this year CRC Jordan. He further added that Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui Mr. Khurram Raja & Mr. Raiz Baig will be confirm attendees for this year CRC.


Mr. ANS suggested that you should email to Miss Adeeba Mehboob to get the presentation format. Mr. Usman further added that this year he is the RP Chair so he informed that the following Members are paying RP Fund $100 Contribution;



  • Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf
  • Mr. Khurram Raja
  • Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui
  • Mr, Usman Tariq Chughtai
  • Mr. Bilal Zuberi
  • Mian Arif Hussain
  • Mr. Ahmad Nawaz
  • Mr. Riaz Baig
  • Mr. Mubesher Ahmad
  • Mr. Shabab Qamar


Mr. Usman Tariq stated that previous year coins are not received yet, we should also talk about this matter in CRC.


This Agenda will be also in next when Mr. Raiz Baig will come from USA.




Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf informed that we are short of time for CRC preparation. After the CRC we will arrange Officers Installation Ceremony. After the discussion the hall decided 2nd week of Oct will be final for CRC. Mr. Usman Added that we should find some sponsors well before time for CRC as we are running short of Funds.


The agenda will be discuss in next meeting.




Mr. ANS informed that we have 25 student Branches and we contribute them $5 per student, but now ASHRAE increases the membership fee to $15, now how much we can contribute them from out chapter. Few years back ASHRAE was sending student badges some paperwork & membership certificate too, but this is now end that is the worst part of it in term of perusing the student for membership.


On the other hand, CUST university received the $5000 scholarship from ASHRAE for his final year project. All members appreciated the efforts of ASHRAE CUST Chapter.


Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf added that The CUST university is getting benefits from ASHRAE other universities can get the same benefits from ASHRAE, Due to lack of interest they are not getting any benefits.


Mr. Ahmad Nawaz further added that we will draft letter to universities to show their activities to us on monthly basis and we will also go in shape of delegation in different universities to show them the importance of ASHRAE and encourage them to take deep interest in ASHRAE Activities. The hall appreciated the idea of Mr. Ahmad Nawaz and agreed with him.


After the discussion and consent with hall Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf decided $15 dollar are not much for students for yearly membership fee, as they are paying thousands of amounts in shape of fee in top universities, but we we will contribute $5 as per pervious practice just for the interest in ASHRAE and keep them motivated.


Any other item with the permission of Chair


Mr. ANS requested Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf to take The Portrait of Pakistan type books in CRC as a gift for them to show the real face of Pakistan. He further added that he will also arrange plant a tree ceremony in different universities. The hall appreciated the idea.


Mr. Bilal Zuberi shared his experience about MP Chair training. The training was very fruitful and I have learnt many things. The best part of the meeting was to represent Pakistan, from Pakistan we were 2 person who attended the meeting Mr. Abbas Sajid from ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter and me from ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter. Overall it was a great experience and exposure.


The Next meeting will be on Thursday Sep 19, 2019.      




Meeting was adjourned at 07:11 pm.



Thanks & Regards,


Mr. Bilal Zuberi


ASHRAE Northern Chapter Pakistan

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