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2016 - 2017
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2016 - 2017

Chapter Officers and BOG's for Year 2016-2017

Mr. Mohammad Riaz Baig, President

Mr. Taj Muhammad Rizvi, President Elect

Mr. Ahmad Nawaz, Vice president

Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf, Secretary

Mian Arif Hussain, Treasurer

Mr. Mohammad Nadeem Zuberi, Member BOG

Mr. Mohammad Arif Azhar, Member BOG

Mr. Masood Sadiq, Member BOG

Mr. Tariq M. Chughtai, Member BOG

Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui, Students Activities chair

Mr. Mubesher Ahmad, Grassroots Government Activities Chair

Mr. Khurram Raja, Historian

Mr. Nadeem Qadir Warraich, Research Promotion Chair

Mr. Usman Tariq Chughtai, Membership Promotion Chair

Mr. Mohammad Raees Khan, YEA Chair

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